Yellow + Blue Modern Flowers | Modern Wedding at Cafe La Cave | Rosemont Wedding Florist

yellow modern bouquets Vanessa and Michael's wedding was an amazing mix of yellow, white and royal blue colors with a modern twist. The centerpieces and bouquets had sculptural grass looping throughout them making them more modular and chic...and totally unique!   Vanessa's bouquet was what I refer to as a "Euro-cascade-style bouquet" which is a modern take on a traditional cascading bouquet. Instead of being made in a foam holder a Euro-cascade bouquet is hand-tied, the flowers are bent or wired into place, and they make more of a teardrop shape overall (they aren't as dangly). I added some wisps of grass to tie back into the other bouquets. The bouquets were all amazing! Flowers for this wedding included pin cushion protea, mokara, dendrobium and oncidium orchids, callas, roses, football mums, hydrangea, stock, phaleanopsis and mini cymbidium orchids, billy balls and spray roses. vanessa2 The goal was to have a bold, chic, modern feel in the ballroom at Cafe La Cave. Mission achieved! The guests went gaga for these awesome and unique centerpieces! yellow white centerpieces
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