Wedding Wreaths that WOW

I just did an article on one of my current obsessions, wedding wreaths. I just love them! I collected some of my favorite wreath inspiration and have compiled it into a nice blogpost on Wedloft. Check it out!

See the Wedloft Article

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  1. Mary Ann Hospodar
    Posted November 3, 2011 at 5:15 pm | Permalink

    I just got back from visiting my friend Jan Ejsmont at Burr Ridge Lighting and the past few times I’ve seen her she talks about her son’s wedding and how great the flowers were and Loreen should check out the florist. She could never remember the name of the florist but she showed me pictures and I saw your brand symbol kk and said oh kio kreations…I love Kristen’s work. She was amazed that I knew you. I loved the flowers you did for Lisa…….small world. Loreen went to school with Mark and the Ejsmonts have been our neighbors for 20+ years. We need to meet soon and discuss Reenie Rose with you and how we can help each other!