We Design Fun Custom Zazzle Stickers!

I just got to see some stickers I made for the awesome Jeremy Lawson (of Jeremy Lawson Photography) and Nika Vaughan's Circus-themed booth-o-fun at Indie Wed. (Side note: Indie Wed was AWESOME and very inspirational!!!) And I can happily report the stickers I designed turned out great. They were placed on bags of cotton candy...which I am about to eat now! I love personalized stickers and thought these ones were a fun, festive way to personalize their cotton candy bags. Way to be awesome Jeremy and Nika! I loved your booth! So if you are in need of stickers for anything, they come in 1.5" and 3" and I can design them for you and you order them through ZAZZLE.COM. So just email me if you want to have some stickers designed!!!
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