Twin City Conservatories

While on our Twin Cities vacation, I went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden which has a small conservatory on the grounds and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at the Como Zoo in St. Paul. Both attractions are free to visit (but can always use a donation!) and are totally worth checking out! I loved them both!

Here are my favorite photos from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Conservatory:

Spoonbridge and Cherry (I had no idea this shoots water out of the top of the cherry. I had only seen it in winter photos when the water feature was turned off. Its really fun!)

Lin against the brick wall sculpture...

Lin on the garden path

Columns illusion...

Moss Monkey with coconut head!

Anthurium aka "Nasty Boys"

Lindsy striking a pose. I loved how they used skinny vertical wire to train the plants to grow up instead of lattice work or something bulky.

And here are my favorite photos from the Como Zoo Conservatory:

This photo is really cool...Nice Clouds!

I LOVED how they had infinity pools all around the outside filled with lily pads, lotus, and other fun aquatic plants!

A growing Vanda orchid!

Spiny tree

Sunken Garden room smelled ike lilies!

They also have a Japanese Garden outside...

These were like 3 ft wide!!!

Me and Hubs enjoying some fresh, mild temperature air.

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