Today’s Art Lesson: Drawing Faces

Today Aili learned how to draw faces, by utilizing the rules of proportion and some simple guidelines. To begin, we drew different head shapes--eggs, oblong ovals, circles, etc. We then cut the shape in half with a line vertically, and then horizontally. Then we cut the botton half in half again, and then that bottom half in half a final time. The middle line is for the eyes, the line below it is for the bottom of the nose, and the bottom-most line is for the lips. Then you draw the eyes, leaving an eye's width in between them. Then you draw guidelines from the inner eye down to show the width of the bottom of the nose. You also draw guidelines from the center of the eye down to show the bottom line showing where the sides of the lip will fall. Add in the eyes between the eye line and nose line. Draw the nose and lips. Add eyebrows and hair and contour the chin/head shape. Erase your guidelines and add color.

HOW TO DRAW A FACE instruction sheet below:

We also dissected celebrity faces to see how the proportions measured up! And Aili learned about coutouring the guidelines up, down and to the sides to change the facial direction and emotion of the face. It was a lot of fun and Aili did a great job!

Here are some more faces I made today during Aili's lesson...

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