TLC’s “Flowers Uncut”: Unbelievable or Unwatchable?

Okay, so TLC decided to make a show capturing my passion for floral design &'s called "Flowers Uncut" and features the life & career of Jeff Leatham the "Rock n' Roll Florist". Two new episodes aired for the first time tonight and I just had to review them. So here goes... My first impression of this show and Jeff's style is "WOW!".  Everything he does is stunning, bold, textural, sculptural and just so eye-appealing and mind-blowing. He really is a floral ARTIST. But as I watch on, the realist in me kicks in and I cannot get over two things: 1. Basically most of the things he does would get a small florist like myself sued by my clients. He admits that he likes to have flowers out of water and that most of his looks will only last for 2-3 hours tops. That would never fly with a bride. She is not paying $2,000, let alone $2 million for her flowers to wilt and die 4 hours into her wedding. In addition, he often puts petals and candles in places that most venues would not let you for safety reasons. He also has a signature style of putting bundles of stunning flowers tipping off the edge of the top of a vase which are visually stunning but totally impractical. If these types of arrangements were in the aisle and someone bumps them they could catch on fire or start a domino effect where every vase tips over, ruining the entire ceremony. If these type of arrangements were the centerpieces and a guest so much as wiggles the table when they go to sit down, they'd be wearing the flowers, water and possibly the vase itself! So yeah, totally impractical and most-likely stuff that would get me sued for ruining the wedding. I wonder if his clients ever complain that things DIED or FELL OVER. I am SURE it has happened...but is he just so "elite" that they don't say anything?! Does he make them sign a contract basically clearing him of any liability if things die/fall/break/injure guests?! 2. Everything he does costs like a bajillion dollars. His first project needed "2,000 purple hydrangea" and they have to be of the utmost quality and color intensity. The bill for those alone was likely $8,000+. They later state that his budget for the first project on the first episode was $80,000 for flowers alone--not even including what he and his assistant, Mat, were paid. So, once I get over those 2 are the things I appreciate about this show: His designs are inspiring. (I just need to figure out a much cheaper and safer way of doing this type of design.) He is gets clients who trust that he will make something awesome and in turn they spend a small fortune for his services. (JEALOUS!) He is very picky & knows a lot about flowers. He is pretty fabulous and so is his assistant. They compliment each other well. (I feel the same way about my ladies!) He will not spray paint anything (I TOTALLY AGREE). He will not use crappy stuff and really prefers clean, contemporary looks with minimal foliage. He organizes things by color as he works. (Interesting idea...stealing it!) He has a huge staff to de-leaf and clean everything. (Wishful thinking!) This show makes me hope that someday I can be as successful as Jeff Leatham. So, while things about this show irk me, Flowers Uncut has enough redeeming qualities for me to keep watching. Jeff Leatham's Flowers Uncut has captured me as a fan and you will likely see something "Leatham-esk" at the Love Brews Wedding Event in February!

Watch the Promo for the Show

Look at these lovely flower varieties Jeff uses!


I love Vanda orchids...they were in my bouquet and I will use them again and again. Here they are below featured with bubble bowls full of white rose petals.


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  1. little
    Posted March 8, 2010 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    While visually impressive, I agree that everything I’ve seen is totally impractical & cost a bazillion dollars. Also, tying an expensive bunch of flowers together is not what I would call “designing.” There are another bazillion dollars worth of props to pull off the look but as I watched I thought that his work, while expensive, is not only impractical but also nothing more than having access to unlimited money so he can tie bunches of flowers together. Totally uninspiring to me and not something any customer I know would pay for or be happy.

  2. Rob Jennings
    Posted February 1, 2010 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

    a truly inspirational show, hope it comes back soon

  3. Maria
    Posted December 5, 2009 at 7:05 am | Permalink

    When is the show going to be back on air.
    There is only so many episodes of Say yes to the dress you can watch, and Cake Boss.
    It is a wonderful show to watch his work is incredible and inspiring.
    The show is enjoyable and entertaining to watch.
    When you live in a city where it is now the rain season, watching this show is a breath of sunshine, and fun.
    Please put it back on soon

  4. Christopher Deegan
    Posted November 17, 2009 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    The show is great,and it reminds me of when I worked in a similar floral business.I don’t believe all the drama is phony,although much of it is Jeff’s own doing.Still,at his level of the industry there are lot’s of expectations from clients,and lot’s of issues to be juggled.I love his style,but I would like to see more diversity in what he uses.

  5. Jtucker
    Posted November 16, 2009 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    Love the show; however the constant and very contrived/ fake sense of urgency detracts from the quality of this supposed reality show(ie.) thirty minutes to unpack and set up hundreds of flowers. Jeff and his crew always seem to make these unrealistic deadlines…yeah, right. They need to forgo this phony “drama”…ruins it for me