The NEW & Improved Bouquet Preservation!

It's here...the NEW & IMPROVED way to "preserve" your bouquet:  have an artist do a painting of it! In the fall, we will start offering bouquet paintings (in various sizes and media) painted by 4-5 local artists. At our opening, our gallery wall (yes, we have a gallery wall!) will feature paintings done by each of the artists in their specific style, then you choose who you want to work with and work out the timing and pricing with them. They will need a photo of your bouquet (either from you or one we took for our portfolio) and they'll take it from there. Media will include oils on canvas, acrylic on canvas, gouache on canvas/paper, watercolor on paper, pen & ink on paper, colored pencil on paper as well as mixed media on canvas and paper. The canvas pieces will be ready to hang as is, the paper pieces will need to be matted and framed. Sizes will range from 8x10" to 24" x 36" depending on media/artist/pricepoint chosen. Prices will start at $100 and go up from there. We will also feature flower-closeup paintings that are 4" x 4" on canvas and feature a close up of one of the flowers from your bouquet. They are cute and can be mix & matched to make a collage of flower close ups! They will range in price from $20-50. They will also be featured at our opening in the fall. If you are interested in having a piece of art that will forever remind you of your awesome wedding day, start pulling photos of it now and get in touch with us in the fall for more details!
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