Taking the Cake from Dated to Divine!

This past weekend, I had the fun challenge of fixing Wendy's wedding cake. I arrived at her venue early and started decorating the room...it was not long before I realized that this square tiered cake with the lavender royal icing drop roses was supposed to be hers. Since she specifically ordered flowers for her cake, I knew the venue must have misread something and provided her an icing-decorated cake--but I don't have a clue why they would make a dated, lavender-rose-decorated cake for a dark purple and green color-scheme wedding.  I mean, the square tiers are a contemporary look--but then they took it back to the early 90's with the seafoam green buttercream leaves and lavender royal icing roses. Not cool. I knew this was NOT what Wendy wanted. So, after Wendy arrived at the venue, I had her look at the cake in its current state and asked if I could "fix it" for her. She was very glad I offered to "fix it" and trusted that I would make it awesome. So, using lots of white cymbidium orchids, Bom Dendrobium and green Dendrobium orchids I basically redesigned the cake and took if from Drab to Fab! We had to remove some roses in the process and basically used the seafoam leaves like glue for our orchids...but the end result is like night and day. Wendy could not have been happier with the results and I even had compliments from the people that worked at the venue (though I doubt the original decorator of it was one of them!)
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