Some Pro Pics by Kara Schultz

Kara Schultz and I have done a few weddings together this season and I just had to share some of the pro pics from them because they are so awesome. So far this year, we've done three weddings together and still have a bunch more. We also entered the Inspired Creations Contest together--which we hope we win!!! Our photos from the contest turned out great--and so did all of the wedding shots she did! It is so fun to look at the photos and relive the weddings (plus see a bunch of things I miss since I leave before things really get rocking!)

Jenean & Erich's Photo Montage

Jenean & Erich's Teasers

Heidi & Jon's Photo Montage

Heidi & Jon's Teasers

Megan and Jeremy's Teasers

Inspired Creations Photos

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