Some Pro Pics by Kara Schultz

Kara Schultz and I have done a few weddings together this season and I just had to share some of the pro pics from them because they are so awesome. So far this year, we’ve done three weddings together and still have a bunch more. We also entered the Inspired Creations Contest together–which we hope we win!!! Our photos from the contest turned out great–and so did all of the wedding shots she did! It is so fun to look at the photos and relive the weddings (plus see a bunch of things I miss since I leave before things really get rocking!)

Jenean & Erich’s Photo Montage

Jenean & Erich’s Teasers

Heidi & Jon’s Photo Montage

Heidi & Jon’s Teasers

Megan and Jeremy’s Teasers

Inspired Creations Photos

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