Provena Mercy Centennial Gala Flowers

In late December, I was approached to come up with ideas for the Provena Mercy Hospital's Centennial Gala. I came up with some awesome creative floral concepts and was affordable so they booked me for the event (over at least one other florist that competed for the gig). I started by researching both the Provena Mercy Hospital and the Sisters of Mercy who started it. I combined the colors of both logos and added a punch of green to make the color palette pop. I came up with 3 styles of floral arrangements since we needed nearly 60 of them for the event was to have almost 600 guests. We did one tall, one medium and one shorter. I went with styles that were very unique--some beidermeier elements, clustering/gridding techniques, etc. and everything turned out beautiful! The Provena Mercy Hospital Foundation members were very happy with everything that we did, they said they got a ton of compliments (YAY) and guests took the majority of the flowers home (I just had empty vases at the end of the night!) I was very happy that we got this event, our largest to date--and would love to do more large events like this in the future! I can't wait to see more photos from the event!!

See More Photos of Our Event Floral

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