Our Sign is Up!

I am so excited to report the latest addition to the studio--the DOOR SIGN!!! I designed a vector file to scale for my local Signs By Tomorrow store and had the sign up on the window within a couple days and it was affordable too! It cost less than half of what I had budgeted for it--and it went up in minutes (they installed it!) I would highly recommend Tom at Signs by Tomorrow in Naperville (off North Aurora Road). In other store progress news--the backroom is finally done being painted and we are starting to haul more shelving and vases over this week/weekend. I still have to paint the backdoor at some point (no rush!). Projects still to be done this weekend would be installation of the double utility sink and also some electrical work (all of which I leave in the capable hands of my husband Matt and his dad Craig). I also ordered a fridge (full-sized for people food and beverage storage) for myself and my freelancers to use. I was dying of thirst so much today that I ordered it like 10 minutes ago! Lol. It will be delivered on Monday. And I found out that my garbage dumpster is emptied on Thursdays (starting tomorrow--YAY!) So, owning a studio is a learning process, and there are a million steps to get things going, but I am glad with the progress we've made so far. Now, if I could just get everything magically moved over here from my house--that would be excellent!

See More Photos of the Studio Here

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