Our Logo on Canvas!

I just finished painting this 30" x 30" square logo for the store a few weeks ago and got to use it at the Arrowhead Event we did. Here it is in use: I made it by masking off my "k|k square" logo with blue painter's tape and then I used purple spray paint over the top and sides. I did 2 coats and then allowed it to dry for 4 hours. Once it was dry, I dry-brushed purple and metallic silver paint over the front of it to add a more custom, distressed look to the piece. I allowed the dry-brushed paint to dry for an addition 2 hours and then removed the tape to reveal an almost perfect white logo underneath. I touched up a few small imperfections with white paint to finish it. I LOVE how it turned out and cannot wait to hang it on the three-quarter high wall at the studio!
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