One Makeover Deserves Another!

Cynthia Sally is one of my good friends AND she is a wildly talented Make-up Artist. She made over me, so I made over her logo! Cynthia did my make up for both my Wedding Ceremony and Reception (remember, I had them on separate days). She made me the best version of myself, and with her help (and my talented hairstylist's) I made Matt's jaw drop. I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, and she made me that way. I cannot thank her enough! As a small show of my gratitude, I designed Cynthia's new logo. She was looking to change the look of her brand, and I gave her a bunch of options. This is what we chose...its clean, its chic and its professional. I love it! And so does she! She is trying to decide which business card she wants to use. They both are great so she is has a hard choice! I am so glad that I could do something for her. If anyone is still seeking a wonderful, reasonably priced make-up artist, Cynthia is a fabulous choice! I highly recommend! Here are a couple photos from our wedding. I cannot believe we've been married for nearly a year already! Time flies! P.S. Check out my DREAM BOUQUET! {Made by yours truly} 3033132392_5bdd064011 3031669575_89fd8d5338 3033132438_0fae17b4db 3031673625_65e7cbfb80
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