My Top 10 Obsessions for 2012

My Top 10 Obsessions for 2012 are the following awesome things (in no particular order)...

Assorted Paper Flowers, Puffs, Lanterns and Other Clustered Hanging/Wall Decor

Birch Bark Vases & Birch Branch Accents

Hanging Letter Signs for Use in Photos (and as sweet table decor)

Air Plants!

Baby's Breath is BACK & More Chic than Ever (but only when used in mass/pavé style!)

Lush Short Centerpieces in Pedestal Vases (bigger, fuller, fluffier and raised up a little) (Below design by Fleur)

Poster-style Invitations and Wedding Signage

Bouquets with rich texture, color and atypical flower & foliage mixes (pods, brooches, feathers, ribbon, succulents and other goodies are welcome too!) 

Tall, Showy Centerpieces--a MUST HAVE

Cotton Blossoms-the latest and greatest flower alternative!

I cannot wait to see these trends appear in our upcoming 2012 weddings! Are there any other trends you hope to see in 2012?

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