My Top 10 Obsessions for 2011: Recap

As an annual tradition, I like to post my top obsessions for the coming year and see how well I do at predicting trends. For 2011, I was obsessed with a variety of things, including some wedding themes: Dia De Los Meurtos, Steampunk and 1920's Glam; the vintage/garden collected vase look, mercury glass, typewriter guest books, bold colored room/accent lighting, creative escort card displays, hanging bling and blooms, and raspberries and blackberries mixed in with flowers. I can happily report, the majority of these obsessions were fulfilled this year...all of them except for using raspberries in an arrangement. However, I will be using the these berries in some upcoming Thanksgiving arrangements--so ALL of my 2011 obsessions will all be fulfilled soon! This year, we did a series of photo shoots that were featured on various blogs. The first one featured of the group was our Dia De Los Meurtos shoot (Day of the Dead) which was on the Poptastic Bride blog. Our Steampunk photo shoot was featured on Brenda's Wedding Blog not to long after that, followed by the 1920's Vintage Glam shoot that posted to the Glamour and Grace wedding blog. Those shoots embodied some of the trends I was obsessed with this 2011 season, and I am glad I put together some awesomely talented vendors to replicate these wedding themes with me. I was obsessed with typewriter guestbooks this year as well--so much so that I bought a typewriter for our studio. It is heavy and old but actually works! I am scared that renting it out may lead it to getting broken by an unruly guest, so its going to live at the studio and function as a prop for now. I did, however, have a client that had her own typewriter guestbook, so I would say this obsession for 2011 was achieved in more ways than one. Bold lighting was another thing I wanted to see more of this year, and BOY, Did I!!! No one did it better than Lauren's wedding at Biltmore Country Club in Barrington. The colored lighting around the room and pin-spotting on my arrangements were total perfection. I wish that more clients would pin-spot arrangements when they do uplighting around the room. It keeps the beautiful flowers in focus instead of making them show up in silhouette. I love dramatic lighting, but also love when my arrangements look their best! Lauren's wedding achieved both of these requests! The mixed vases look that I am STILL obsessed with was done at a bunch of weddings we did this year, including Mindy & Keith's Wedding at Rock Bottom Brewery in Chicago. Their wedding also boasted one of the coolest escort card displays we did all year. A variety of frames, cake stands, vases and bird accents were placed on top of a covered pool table to make an inviting escort card display. It was awesome! Another wedding that used mixed vases was Stefanie's garden-inspired wedding at Arrowhead--which had a chic eclectic incorporating textural floral arrangements in mixed mercury glass vases. Mixed assorted vases + mercury glass = two obsessions achieved! Amber's beautiful bling wedding allowed me to use hanging flowers and bling, thus fulfilling another one of my 2011 obsessions. I used hanging orchid garlands and bling crystals to make an awesome escort card/entry table display that was unlike anything anyone has seen before! I can't wait to do another arrangement like this! So overall I would say that 9 out of 10 is great--and I believe #10 (raspberries in with florals) will be completed next week in the Autumn Centerpiece class I am teaching at the studio. I will post photos of course...and look for my Top 10 Obsessions for 2012 post soon to come!      
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