Monogrammed Aisle Runners That Rock

This is a collection of some of the aisle runners that I made this year…there are a ton of them…I guess I’ve been busy!

So, here are the great things about monogrammed aisle runners…for one thing, they are totally unique to the couple I make them for…the monogram is in their colors, their fonts, with their symbol/theme, their names, & their date…it doesn’t get more personal or unique! Another fun thing is after using the runner at the ceremony, I usually suggest cutting the monogram portion off to hang from the head table/DJ table/Sweets table, etc. so it gets more use. As if that isn’t enough, I also give a discount to my existing clients that is less than what I charge for the ones I sell on ETSY. So, if you think you want a runner–let me know!

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