Musical Matrimony

I can proudly say that I have a lot of musically inclined friends, including my wonderful husband, Matt. Many of our guy friends have music degrees and are wildly talented at playing one (but in most cases MANY) musical instrument/s. So it is not a surprise that when all of the "music men" got married in the past couple years, they incorporated music in a special way. Adam & Brenna's wedding in March of 2008 set the stage for the ultimate percussionist's wedding. Matt did double-duty as both the ceremony musician and a groomsman. He played some beautiful songs on the marimba while guests found their seats and throughout the ceremony. When we arrived at the reception, instead of signing a guest book, we signed drum heads and we put the gift cards inside a slot Adam cut in a drum. It was obvious that a drummer got married that day...but not obvious enough apparently because Adam and about 15 of his wedding guests who are all members of the Chicago Bull's Drumline aka "The Stampede" rocked out in the middle of the reception and treated us to a halftime show of sorts. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen at a wedding, and certainly hard to top! 2340098965_11888245e1_o n699315289_2527841_1129 I actually told this story to my friend Cynthia and she asked if Adam might be interested in doing a "dueling drum-off" at her reception as a surprise to her husband who loves percussion as well. I talked to Adam about the idea and he and our friend Brandon came up with the "Drumline Wedding Crashers" which is basically Adam vs. Brandon on stare drums for 10 minutes. It may not have been the Bull's Drumline, but they still rocked out and EVERYONE totally loved it. (I have a DVD of this performance, if you want to see it just let me know!) Our other friends, Allan and Lindsey, also had an "ode to drums" at their wedding. Instead of just a slot in a drum like at Adam's wedding, they had a stack of drums with a slot which kind of looked like a drum wedding cake! After all of the music things that were incorporated into our friends' weddings, we knew had big shoes to fill. Since we were married at the Dupage County Courthouse there was no music that day, but we found ways of making it a part of our reception which was 3 months later. I went all out with the music theme at our reception. I made favor cones out of old sheet music that held candy for the guests. I made a monogram that included the first line of musical notes from our first dance song ("Hallelujah" by John Cale) and added it to all of the other signage at the wedding as well. Our table numbers were dictionary-style music (and art) terms with definitions. So all of Matt's friends sat at music tables, and mine sat at art tables. I also found sheet music fabric that I lined our hospitality baskets with and sheet music wrapping paper that I used to wrap the gifts for the kids that attended the wedding. It was totally unique to us and looked so classic yet contemporary. our wed Some of the "I wish I did's" for me would include having this awesome artist I know named Franklin perform during cocktail hour. We did not have a cocktail hour, so this did not happen. I have seen Franklin perform live many times and I actually got him booked for one of my previous client's weddings and she loved him too. He plays acoustic guitar and has an awesome voice...maybe I will hire him for a party someday! I also wished that if we had a "traditional" ceremony that my husband Matt actually played marimba as I walked down the aisle--but that would have been a logistical nightmare! Oh well...Se' la vi! Anyways, I guess my whole point is I have seen a lot of cool music things at weddings. From really great singers to a guitar guest book, and I've loved them all! ...But this is my favorite musical thing of all time: n500334751_464915_8458 (Mr. Matt Janes playing marimba)
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