Memorial Flowers for Tiffany | Funeral Tribute | Naperville Event Florist

Sadly, a high school/grade school friend (Tiffany) passed away on April 6th after a 4-year-long battle with cancer. It was especially sad because she was such a great person and she left behind 2 beautiful daughters and a dedicated fiance. I really wanted to do something for the family so I did two complimentary floral tribute arrangements for Tiffany, and collected donations from some of my fellow former classmates which we pooled together and gave to her family. The floral tributes turned out beautiful! I also was able to make some really cool paper items for it as well. Tiffany will forever be remembered and missed. purple memorial flowers Funeral tribute flowers A big thank you to all of Tiffany's old grade school and high school friends who contributed to the funds we gave her family. I am sure they appreciated the flowers and donations very much! funeral flowers tribute for tiffany
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