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Yep. It's our 2nd Anniversary today, and we're still going strong.



Couple: Kristen (Kio) & Matt Wedding Date: November 14, 2008 Venue/s: 11/14/ 08 Ceremony: Dupage County Courthouse, Wheaton and Small Luncheon: Maggiano's in Naperville 2/27/09 Reception: Meson Sabika in Naperville Colors: B&W with Analogous shades ranging from magenta to purple

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How Long has it been since your wedding? 2 years today!

What is your best advice for brides-to-be? Don't over-plan, don't try to do everything yourself and don't over-eat! I ended up getting sick as a dog the week before the reception and thought I was going to die. I was literally sitting the morning of the party making centerpieces with a fever of 102...trying to suck it up and drink tons of fluids. Additionally, I knew that between our actual ceremony/wedding and the reception 3 months later, I gained at least 10 lbs and the dress fit way snugger that second time around. I was feverish and sweating to death during the entire reception and the night is pretty much a blur to me now. When I look back on the photos I love how I looked and felt at the ceremony in November, and I feel like I looked chubby and sick at the reception in February. So some more advice: take it easy, don't stress, and don't get sick!!!

What is your best memory from your wedding? From the day of our quaint little courthouse ceremony, I remember Matt's ear-to-ear grin on his face and the excitement in his eyes. I also remember how excited I was as we waited to be called. We were the 19th couple to get married that afternoon!

From the reception, I would say its all pretty much a blur. I had a fever and was getting over being really sick for the days leading up the reception so I was drugged up and a little out of it. I remember the cold air outside feeling comfortable to my feverish skin.

I also remember being a little shocked and panicked as my Dad and I danced for the first time (ever) and I learned within seconds that he had taken dance lessons without telling me--and was doing Rumba moves that I was having trouble following. I must have looked like a deer in headlights--but I was so moved by the gesture that it warmed my heart. Well, that and the fever did. 🙂 Lol.

How IS married life? Any Advice for surviving the first year? We survived 2 years with lots of drama and LOTS OF LOVE. In the first year of marriage, we were both laid off from our fulltime jobs, Matt had back surgery, one of our vehicles bit the dust and had to be replaced, and then the new vehicle was hit TWICE while parked and cost us a fortune to repair, I turned my side business into a fulltime gig (I took Kio Kreations from part-time Sole-Proprietorship to full-time LLC), and Matt struggled to find the right career. In the second year of marriage, Matt found the right career, Kio Kreations' business boomed, we got better health benefits through Matt's job and have plans to start a family in the next year (God-willing). So, advice would be--support each other, forgive each other. Be willing to admit you are wrong once in a while. Do special things for your honey when they least expect it. Make time for them, love them always and remember that they are your best friend.

Do you have any NEWS you want to share (pets, jobs, moves, babies, homes)? Bought a minivan for the business in 2009. We still live in the same townhouse in Naperville with our two kitties as we did when we were married. We hope to start a family soon. On the business front, Kio Kreations is doing awesome and Matt is thriving in his sales position. One of our goals in the not-so-distant future is to look for a new home that will function as a retail space and residence all at the same time.

This is me and my cute (tired) husband Matt in Galena this past Labor Day Weekend

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  1. Paula@ Frosted Fingers
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    Happy Anniversary! Love that last picture of you two.