Marvelous Flowers for Marvelous Moms!

For Mother's Day this year, I was busy doing a wedding and did not get to hang out with my own mom (sad face). I did, however, have time to make some flowers for my Mother-in-law (Mary) and my neighbor (Jamie). I will hang out with my mom and give her flowers at a later date (most likely on a weekday in the near future!) The flowers in the blue vase were bay leaves, pittosporum, roses, hydrangea, ranunculus, curly willow and tulips. The blue vase is vintage and we found it at an antique store. The vase is similar to those often referred to as "end of the day glass" that my mother-in-law collects so that was the main part of the gift--the flowers were a secondary bonus! The flowers in the purple vase were for our favorite neighbors, Kevin & Jamie. Kevin saw me loading the car with wedding flowers this past week and asked if I could design something special for his wife for Mother's Day. I had a lot of pink and purple flowers so I came up with this lovely arrangement--and I am into lace right now, so I wrapped some around the vase for an added accent. Both arrangements were well-received (and well-deserved) by these great Mothers!

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- I hope all the mothers out there had a great Mother's Day! New to the mom club is our own Monica Simpson, whose daughter Annabelle Lucille was born yesterday morning. Both mom and baby are healthy and happy. Congrats to MOMica and Andrew on their first baby!
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