Kio Kreations Studio | Today’s Progress Report

I can happily say I was able to have 2 meetings at the new studio without any issues. The front area of our space is almost complete; we still have a chandelier to hang, carpet to eventually replace, an area rug to purchase and a half-wall to faux finish. We also are waiting for 4 paintings to be completed for the "gallery wall" in the front of the studio. I am glad the front is looking put together and just needs a few more things to make it look more complete. I also sent the design for the door sign to the printer and am waiting for a quote on that. I would love to have a door sign by early next week at the latest--so people can find us easier. Also, note, our address is this:

kio kreations | studio 2603 Aurora Avenue Suite 103 Naperville, IL 60540

While I am happy to report that some of the studio is looking great, the middle workspace and back room storage space are no where near done. We have about 80% MORE things to move here including the bulk of the vases, shelving, pedestals, etc. I am not sure when we will move the rest of the stuff as we have to finish painting the backroom first, install the double sink, get a fridge (for people), install the cooler (for flowers), rip out the carpet, etc. before a lot of the moving can happen. The middle space is painting but also needs the carpet removed at some point and storage units and whatnot to be moved here. It seems like I still have a long road ahead of me basically!!! Some other eventful things that happened today include the giant garbage bin being delivered as well as the new double utility sink. We also hung the vintage medicine cabinet that was my mom's in the bathroom. It was a total PITA, but we managed and it looks nice (and secure!) We still plan to have an opening in May or June--but when I think about all the work left to do--I am leaning towards June!
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