kio kreations | studio: free flowers!

Just wanted to share the latest little floral beauties I made for the store and announce that its Monday (May 23) and today and tomorrow (Tuesday, May 24) I will be giving away free flowers to anyone that wants to come by the studio with a vase. You bring a vase, I will fill it with the leftover flowers we have here on hand and give you a packet of preservative for home care of them. We have enough flowers on hand to fill a bunch of vases, so more than one person can come by--I just need an email first so I ensure I am at the studio to make the arrangement. So, if you are interested, email me at and we'll work it out! Please clients, family, friends--we'd love to give you some flowers today and tomorrow!!! ALSO--In the future, I plan to have "Military Mondays" for anyone affiliated with military in any way (related to, married to, etc.) Military Mondays will be an opportunity to get a vase filled with flowers as well--our little way of giving back what we can and hopefully make people happy with flowers for at least a week...again, email me for more info about this. We will post these randomly on Mondays when we have enough flowers on hand to make arrangements for people. Happy Monday! Come get some flowers!!!
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