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Katie and her mom were one of my favorite mother-daughter teams to ever work with! They had a lot of great ideas and her mom's Hobby Lobby discount to benefit our plans! Katie and Eric had a great venue in Klein Creek Golf Club as well as a great color combo and flowers (orchids, peonies, hydrangea...). We used purple LED lights in the centerpieces, and both styles were completely unique to their wedding. Katie also surprised Eric (a cookie-lover) with a surprise cookie buffet (using my vases and signs). It was a fabulous winter wedding! (And they had a fabulous photographer in Hazelton Photography) Here is Katie and Eric's story...



Couple: Katie & Eric Wedding Date: January 30, 2010 Venue/s: Geneva Lutheran Church and Klein Creek Golf Club, Winfield, IL Colors: White, Black and Purple View their Gallery



How Long has it been since your wedding? 7 ½ months (hey when less than a year, I say every day counts!)

What is your best advice for brides-to-be? Sometimes starting with what you don't want will get you to what you do want when it comes to the look and feel of your wedding.

What is your best memory from your wedding? The feeling! What I remember best about our day is all the laughs we had. Seriously all the pictures from the reception Eric and I have the biggest smiles on our faces.

How IS married life? Any Advice for surviving the first year? Surprisingly it feels so different. Eric and I lived together before saying 'I do' and I honestly didn't think things would feel different, but our relationship is so much deeper now. I can't explain it really. My advice is to be a true team player. This is one of the things I have found that make Eric and I work so well. Our life can be so hectic sometimes and I have really found Eric is my sanity. When I am so busy I can't think straight I know he'll keep up the house and vice versa. This takes a real commitment from both ends, but if it can be accomplished, I promise you can get through it all.

Do you have any NEWS you want to share (pets, jobs, moves, babies, homes)? We are just NOW starting to calm down from our wedding. Where do I start, since getting married all of the following has happened: We went on a  honeymoon to Mexico, Eric started graduate school for his Type-75, he finished his first year of being the Head Coach for Track and Field and made it down to State, I was a bridesmaid in 3 weddings this summer (all of my bridesmaids got married), went to Hawaii for two weeks for one of those weddings, we bought a new car, I got promoted to Director at work, and now that things are starting to calm down I am trying to start a graphic design side business-- Sign it With Love: (http://picasaweb.google.com/107541580753876720911) (the website is almost complete, but here are some of things I have designed over the past year).

(Some photos of the happy couple!)

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  1. Katie
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    I love it, thanks for posting! 🙂 The blog is now up, signitwithlove.blogspot.com