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Hien and I go way back...all the way back to my first day of college. We had an art class together. He was an art minor, I was an art major. Little did I know we'd bond over Drum Corps and he would later introduce me to my future husband.

Hien and Julie, however, go back much further though. Hien and Julie were actually  high school sweethearts. They dated each other for what seemed to most of us friends of theirs like forever and then they finally got married in August of 2007. Matt was in the wedding and Hien & Julie asked me to do the flowers. Of course I said yes to doing the flowers...they turned out great...and here is the rest of their update...



Couple: Hien & Julie Wedding Date: August 4, 2007 Venue/s: The Carillon in Plainfield, IL Colors: Teal with pink accents View their Gallery



How Long has it been since your wedding? 3 years

What is your best advice for brides-to-be? Plan ahead and don't procrastinate

What is your best memory from your wedding? I loved the ceremony when Hien and I were staring into each others eyes and saying our vows.

How IS married life? Any Advice for surviving the first year? Married life is awesome.  It seriously just keeps getting better and better.  Advice- Make sure you truly listen to each other and try to figure out the meaning behind their words...  just because they sound one way to you doesn't mean that that is what your spouse intended.

Do you have any NEWS you want to share (pets, jobs, moves, babies, homes)? Our baby Grant was born on Memorial day.  🙂

More family photos, stolen from Facebook...

Julie and baby Grant

Papa Bear and Baby Bear

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