I Heart Inspiring Art!

My husband and I just took a trip to Minnesota to relax and visit with family and friends. In anticipation of seeing my "little cousins" Hannah and Addison, I put together 2 packs of art supplies for them. For Hannah, who is 10, I selected a pack of "artist quality" colored pencils and for Addison, who is 6.5, I selected a box of Oil Pastels. Both girls also got a sketch book, origami paper, a scented recycled pencil (called a "Smencil") and a cupcake eraser. The smencil and cupcake eraser were purely for the fun of it, but the other items are for making fabulous art. Both Hannah and Addie loved their art supplies. Hannah and I immediately began using her stuff. She drew some stuff and I showed her how with "quality pencils" you can press harder and get a much darker, opaque color. We drew a present together and later I drew a frog from a photograph and a horse from a figurine Addison had. I love drawing with my cousins and showing them new techniques. Drawing is so relaxing and fun! Here are my favorite vacation photo of my cousins and Matt together...they really loved him because he acts like a 12-year-old most of the time! 🙂

Art Stuff for Hannah:

Art Stuff for Addison:

Art Supplies purchased at my favorite art supply store, Blick Art Supply.

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