I Heart Chicago & New York Table Numbers!

I just finished some more Chicago landmark table numbers and actually my first set of New York City Table Numbers...they both turned out great! I make these for both ETSY clients as well as my own floral design clients as well. I love them. They are fun and contemporary. Plus, "themed" table numbers are better and more unique than plain old numbers. And if you sit someone at "Navy Pier" or "Chicago Theatre" you are not obviously picking them in an order, per say, like you would with table numbers like "table 1, 2, 3...25...30". If I was at table 30, I might think I was on the "B list"!!! And in the case of divorced parents and in-laws, I'd rather deal with them sitting at un-numbered tables so they don't think I love one set more than others! Its weird to think like that--but it does happen when you plan your seating arrangements!

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I also have done these awesome "Us at Age..." ones...how cute are these?! I think these are fun for guests to view and a nice preview of what the couple's potential offspring could look like! I would not be brave enough to do these though...while I was an adorable baby and young child, I had about a 4-year span of "awkwardness" that I'd like everyone to forget! 3639966580_ec2e865860 And let's not forget the "Firsts & Favorites" themed ones...which basically include firsts and favorites that the couple share. It can be anything and EVERYTHING from Favorite Food to First Date..it doesn't get much more personalized! Here are a two that I finished a few weeks ago for fall Bride & Groom. hometowns Calvin
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  1. kiokreations
    Posted July 12, 2012 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    They are $5.50 each and have to be ordered between November and April as that is when we do paper orders.

  2. amy montgomery
    Posted July 12, 2012 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

    I am getting married May 10th 2013 in Kanasa City, but my fiance and I live in Chicago. We were wanting to go Chicago themed tables, do you still make these? Please let me know if you do and what the cost would be- we would need probably 20. thanks!