Historic Wormsloe Plantation

Since I've been posting Plantations for the last couple posts, I figured I'd stay on that track and post the final plantation we visited. It is called "Wormsloe Plantation" and it is near Savannah, Georgia. I will start by saying the coolest, most breath-taking part of this place is the drive way lined with giant live oaks. Over 1 mile of live oaks! When we arrived at the actual visitor's center, we watched a video about the plantation in its prime and then went to the site where the plantation once stood. It was ruins, and there was a small grave site as well nearby. They also have some "living history" sites on the property that we explored, but nothing else there compared to the tree-lined road.

Road onto the property:

Ruins, nature and other educational buildings we explored: And let's end this one with another gratuitous shot of the road lined with live oaks:

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