Historic Homes of Savannah

Sticking with all things historical, I wanted to talk about the 3 houses we toured while in Savannah...The Andrew Low House, The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, and The Isaiah Davenport House. We were lucky enough to get a combo ticket called "The Pioneers in Preservation Pass" to see all 3 houses for $18. We started at The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, which is famous because Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts of America. It was a beautiful furnished home and the tour was interesting. It was also cute to see current and past Girl Scouts there taking the tour...like it was there Mecca or something! 🙂 The tour took about an hour and included seeing the ground level, main level and second floor as well as the veranda and gardens adjacent to the house. We then went to Juliette Gordon Low's father-in-law's house, The Andrew Low House, which had perhaps the best tour of the three, because the docent knew everything about the history of the house, the history of the family, and the history of Savannah. It was a most intriguing tour of a stunning, elegantly furnished house. The tour took about 35 minutes, but I learned more in that time that any of the other tours we took that day! We finished at The Isaiah Davenport House which was much different from the other two homes. It is in worse shape than the other two houses, so it has less furnishings and things are quite as elegant looking in this home. The tour was pretty interesting, but nothing really ground-breaking was mentioned. It was interesting, but we enjoyed the other two home tours more. I would recommend getting the ticket to see all three homes though--it is worth the money and time to see these three historical gems!
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