Historic Homes of Charleston

This will be my last post about historic stuff from our trip, but I will post 2 final posts about all the good eats in Charleston and Savannah tomorrow!

Amy and I visited two historic homes while in Charleston (in addition to the 2 plantations we visited). We went to both the Aiken-Rhett House and the Edmondston-Alston House (which is actually run/owned by the same person who runs Middleton Place).

The Aiken-Rhett House Tour was interested because it is self-guided (you get an mp3 player to listen to as you roam around the house and grounds) but the house was awesome because instead of being restored it is being "preserved" and so the walls are peeling, the furniture is old and dusty, but its how the family left it--which makes it really cool. It is a huge house with really nice grounds and you even get to see where the slaves resided. They also mention that the slaves are the only reason white folks could live like royalty--which is despicable to me, but at least they credited the slaves as being the backbone of the homestead. We loved the house and grounds but the self-guided tour was weird. The Edmondston-Alston House was another stunning place situated right on the water with beautiful views from all three of the verandas. The tour guide was awesome and the house was beautifully kept up as a direct decendent of the Alston's still resides on the top floor of the home to this day. All of the pieces of furniture are family pieces which makes it even more of a gem. We loved this tour and home!

I would recommend seeing both of these homes if you visit Charleston, South Carolina!

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  1. Mary Lou Dovantzis
    Posted March 27, 2011 at 5:16 pm | Permalink

    We were just there this summer and toured the aiken-rhett house, we love the area.
    Also, Michelle’s flowers were all absolutely beautifully breathtaking!l! Can’t wait for Claire and Dave’s wedding.