Historic Drayton Hall

Another favorite place that my sister Amy and I visited on our trip last week was Drayton Hall Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. It was a beautiful, old, empty home that we got to tour with a great guide. She told us about the materials used to make the house and who slept where and even showed us a hidden spiral staircase that was used by the staff. Perhaps one of the most interesting stories was how the house was still standing today, when so many of its era were burned and destroyed during the civil war...it is rumored that small pox signs were posted around the outside of the house so the troops stayed clear of the house to avoid falling ill. Whether that was what really happened or not, the house is still intact--so something protected it all those years. Amy and I both really enjoyed this house and the property was pretty, but very simple (no gardens or stables or anything) unlike Middleton Place Plantation, which we also visited during our trip.
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