Hayley’s Harlequin Mural & More!

I just completed a pretty purple bedroom mural for 9-year-old Hayley in Evergreen Park. Hayley's room was already painted light purple as that is one of her favorite colors...but it needed more pizazz! I started by painting her name in a ribbony font with flowers over her TV. I then painted her woodblock coat pegs to be more tween and less juvenile (they used to be baby-pastel colors). I also made her a French memo-board with purple polka-dot fabric, brown polka-dot ribbons and purple buttons. All of these things made the room look fabulous--but nothing compares to her sloped wall-o-harlequin! I meticulously masked off tons of diamonds and then painted them a darker shade of purple. To finish the look and bring in a little more brown, I added dots to all of their intersections. It looks awesome with Hayley's new brown and purple bedding and her cool furniture. What a cool room for a cool tween like Hayley! I also painted Hayley's brother Brian's room. His room was more simple for me...since his Anime bedding and bright blue walls are already so bold, I only added some smaller details with paint. I painted the Japanese symbol for "Power" on one of his walls, "Peace" on another, and his name "Brian" on the sloped wall over his dresser. I also made a French memo-board for him with bright Asian-reed motif fabric and green ribbon bands. Hayley and Brian's shared bathroom also got some painted details. The bright green walls got some leaves to bring in the greenish/aqua hues in the accent shower tiles and decorative towels. The room looks great and really ties together now. I love working on murals and artwork for people's homes. Kids' and babies' rooms are always fun for me since I get to be extra creative with them! If you are interested in having a mural or artwork created for your space please contact me.

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