Good Hair Day: Perfect Wedding Hair Flowers

After yesterday's post on BAD HAIR LOOKS, I needed some good hair reviving! I found a bunch of images of perfect wedding hair styles with the perfect balance of beautiful flowers. I also want to talk a little bit about what flowers work well in hair...

Fresh Flowers that work well in Wedding Hair:

Dendrobium orchids, Cymbidium Orchids (these flowers can hold up pretty good in wedding hair and last through the ceremony and photos but no there are really no fresh flowers that will hold up the entire wedding day...)

Photo Credit: The Knot

Photo Credit: The Knot

Here is me adding some flowers to my curly-headed sister's hair:

Fresh Flowers that work okay in Wedding Hair:

Gardenias, Mokara Orchids, Phaleanopsis Orchids (all of these flowers are very delicate, so your stylist must secure them without breaking or bruising them. It is good to have a second flower to change out later in the day.

Fresh Flowers to Avoid in Wedding Hair (get a silk or fabric version instead):

Roses, Garden Roses, Peonies, Dahlias (silk or handmade fabric versions would be so much prettier and will last all day. I always advise my clients against using these in their fresh form for hair...)

So if you decide to add a flower to your wedding do, let me know what look you like and we'll pick the perfect flower for you--be it fresh or fake. If you are looking for a faux flowers, ETSY is a great place to look...

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