GET the Gift of Wedding Flowers!

Feeling overwhelmed with wedding costs?! Wish people would pay for the wedding instead of items off your gift registry?! Well...maybe that can be arranged! Recently, my October 31st bride (Sue) had a friend that contacted me wishing to purchase some of the items off of Sue's floral list. Sue and her fiance, Dan, are funding their own wedding and Sue had expressed feeling overwhelmed with all of the pending costs. So, with this in mind, her friend arranged to buy the bridal bouquet and monogrammed runner--totally unbeknownst to Sue and Dan! The friend and her husband took Sue and Dan out to dinner and surprised them with this certificate before the wedding as their wedding gift. Sue emailed me and was so touched by how sweet her friend is and was very happy that now her quote was lowered as well! If you are interested in having part of your order paid by another person, please let me know! This would need to be done 3-4 weeks before your actual wedding so transactions can process and quotes can be adjusted. If a group of people wishes to purchase items, they must have one person from the group purchase the items from me (and then they can reimburse that person for their portion of the gift). Due to costs, taxes and for my own sanity, please limit purchases by others to no more than 2 total.
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