Flowers Uncut on TLC

I am happy to announce that TLC will be debuting "FLOWERS UNCUT" on Wednesday, November 4th at 9pm which follows the exciting career of floral, event & home decor designer, Jeff Leatham. Jeff is a world-famous floral artist with a daring, contemporary style and impeccable technique. He recently worked as the Artistic Director for the Four Seasons in Paris and is currently in the process of opening a store in NYC and launching some new product lines. I am sure with this new show his brand will become even more popular!!! One of the more popular events he did was Eva Longoria-Parker's wedding. Here are some photos from it. It was pretty spectacular as you can see... eva-longorias-wedding-flowers-jeff-leatham jeffleathamevalongoria1 Jeff Leatham's work just amazes me and makes me want to play with flowers and balance and glassware as he does. I will definitely be emulating Jeff's style in the future! I love it! I would do this for every wedding if I could get brides on board with it. The thing is, these looks he does use very pricey flowers and glassware so I am sure his minimum budget to even do an event is in the mid-high $10,000's! Must be nice! I do, however, think that some of his ideas can be scaled back for us "normal people". That will be one of my goals for 2010.
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  1. David Surgenor
    Posted August 2, 2010 at 9:30 am | Permalink

    Love what I am would love to see more of your work pity I live in northern Ireland but maybe sometime.
    take care.