Floral Design Workshop at Chicago Botanic Garden

Its been years since I volunteered at Chicago Botanic Garden so I was very happy when they asked me to teach their Roadside Flower Sale Workshop to their other volunteers last week. It was a 2-hour class (which I've taught twice there in the past) and I had to teach how to make a dried flower arrangement using a multitude of vases, flowers and supplies. Here are the steps we went through...
  • Choose Vase/Container
  • Choose flowers/dried materials
  • Fill container with dry foam
  • Cover foam with moss
  • Add focal point flowers
  • Add accent flowers
  • Fill out design with additional accents
  • Show design to teacher (me) to approve
  • Make any changes that teacher suggests
  • Bring arrangement and list of flowers used to volunteers to tag & price
  • Repeat Process if you have time! 🙂
I taught them how to use balance, the rules of threes and odd numbers, color, size, texture, and some basic mechanics. Many of them came up with some really great pieces!
Here are the two that I designed this time...
And here are some from the other times I taught the class years ago...
    Working in dried materials really makes me realize how much I LOVE & prefer FRESH FLOWERS! I will be offering some floral designs classes this fall/winter at the studio--so stay tuned for details on those in the near future!
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