Floral Design Class: Vintage-Inspired

This week's class we did vintage-inspired arrangements in vases of the students' choosing. The homework from last week was to bring a vintage container that cost under $10 and was under 12" in height. Containers bought included teapots, etched glass vases, candy dishes, and glass bowls. The flowers and foliage we used were vast and included: pink and ivory wax flower, muted peach and pink stock, white statice, purple double tulips, red Dutch tulips, white French tulips, curly willow tips, Lypocodium, Italian Pittosporum, ti leaf, Heather, ivory and peach spray roses, eggplant and ivory mums, ivory and pink lisianthus, blackberries and frog balls. We did 3 different techniques for arranging the flowers depending on the vase type/shape. Most of the class used fresh wet floral foam (Instant Oasis), a few gridded the top of their odd-shaped containers with tape and one of them just made a bouquet in hand, tied it with ribbon and put it in the vase. While this is probably the most challenging way to design of the 3 ways--hers turned out great along with all of the others. The whole idea today was to get a look that was ethereal, whimsical and ornate. The rich textures and mostly muted tones really lent themselves to feeling vintage/antique. Everyone agreed today's design lesson was much harder than last week's cluster-style. Next week we do bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. Should be a fun challenge for all. It is hard to get your hands to do holding and taping of flowers when you are not used to it.

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- Click to download this week's worksheet: Floral Design 101: Vintage-Inspired - I would not be a good teacher if I didn't do a little design of my own...here is the arrangement I made: 4420668606_b23c391ced 4419902915_94aa3a500e 4419902205_408ab4de7e 4420655596_2ecbe229d2
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