Floral Design Class: Pomander & Traditional Mixed Centerpiece

Tonight was our last day of our six-week Intro to Floral Design Course at the Naperville Art League. I think all of the women loved the class and learned a lot. Many of them show a lot of ability and creative sensibility--and I hope they all pursue floral design for home, entertaining and weddings in the future! Our last class featured two lessons: 1) How to make a floral pomander with button poms: The pomander was a bit of a struggle for some of the class as some of the button poms had weak stems and would not easily go into the netted Oasis sphere. On the whole they came out pretty cute though. Pomanders can be made with a variety of flowers including mums, carnations, mini carnations, hydrangea, daisies, sweetheart roses and roses. 2) Mixed Traditional Centerpiece in a Bubble Bowl: This was a much easier lesson and everyone made a beautiful mixed centerpiece when all was said and done. We started by filling the inside of the vase with curly willow branches or lily grass accents. Some of the class added stones too. Then we added a stem of hydrangea and illed it in with tulips and other flowers. We then added fillers, foliage and other focal point flowers. Everyone had a different mix of flowers, textures and colors and they all were very pretty. One of the students even did a biedermeier style arrangement! - Click to Download the Class Worksheets: Floral Design Class: Pomander Floral Design Class: Traditional Mixed Centerpiece

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- Here is the lovely bubble bowl centerpiece I made tonight... IMG_2790 IMG_2798
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  1. kiokreations
    Posted June 30, 2011 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

    We will be offering some floral design classes in the fall, I will post a schedule and blog about them when we decide what we’ll be teaching.

  2. Margo Bilter
    Posted June 30, 2011 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

    Will you be having anymore floral design classes coming up?? I’m very interested!! margo Bilter