Flashback to My Wedding: Fun with Photoshop

Since my degree is in Illustration and I have been doing graphic design for years, it was only natural that I would do some "creative editing" to some of my wedding photos in Photoshop. Now, don't get me wrong, my talented friend and colleague Amy Christian took a bunch of awesome photos of us on our wedding day---I just added some "finishing touches" to some choice ones...! Like this one--where I changed the Maggiano's awning to say our wedding date: 11.14.08 and "Just Married" instead of the building address number and "Little Italy" which is what was originally there. We liked this photo so much that half of our Wedding Reception Invitations got this Photoshopped Photo as their cover... And the other half got this FAVORITE photo of ours (note those are our RING fingers!): The white board you see in this photo we used in a ton of photos and it was just a medium-sized piece of white, blank foam core. I simply added text digitally to it for different purposes--including a version for our RSVP Postcard and Thank You Cards...

I loved making these photos even more special with Photoshop and a blank piece of foam core! There really is no limit to what you can do with Photoshop!

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