Fabulous Peach & Blue Bouquet + Boutonniere | Naperville Wedding Florist

I love getting random custom orders for bouquets...and when we have time--we try to fit them into our schedule! I was sooo happy when my sister's friend Cat contacted us to make a fabulous bouquet + bout for her friend's wedding. She was giving the bride and groom these items as a gift and another bonus is the bride wore NAVY (instead of white/ivory) so Cat gave me carte blanche to come up with something that would compliment it well.

peach and blue bouquet

I used peach Juliet garden roses, blue delphinium, blue anemones, privet berry, white tulips, ivory spray roses, and variegated lily grass to make these stunning designs. I loved everything about this order! Even the toss bouquet was super cute...

cat pieces So if you have a custom bouquet + bout order (that can be picked up) and we aren't too busy we would gladly take it! (note there is a $200 minimum for this type of order.)

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