DIY Holiday Decor

I recently held a DIY holiday decor session at our studio to teach volunteers how to make some holiday ornaments and decor for a charity holiday tree to be displayed at the Robert R. McCormick Museum at Cantigny Park. The organization I was working with is called Giving DuPage, and we worked their logo and colors into the pieces that we made. We will be putting these ornaments and decorations on a tree tomorrow--I will post photos soon! Here are the first ornaments we worked on--using simple paper and cardstock strips of different lengths, we made vintage 50's-shaped ornaments and teardrop-shaped ornaments in the colors of Giving DuPage. The next ornaments we designed were made using glass ball ornaments. For the first of the two styles is super easy to make: just take a clear ornament and fill it with paper scraps or curled paper, then add a bow to the top to finish it off! For the more complicated glass ball ornament, we used a frost glass ornaments, puff paints and ribbons. We made beautiful dot patterns in puff paint on the outside of the ornament and then allowed them to dry overnight. The next day, we tied bows to the tops to finish them off. In addition to these 4 styles of ornaments above, we also made a custom lighted garland and tree skirt. The lighted garland was easy (but time-consuming) to make. We used 5 different fabric styles (about 1.5 yards total) and just cut them into 8" long by 0.75"-1" thick strips. A team of 4 of us took turns tying the strips around a strand of Christmas lights that is about 20 ft long. It took about 2 hours of cutting and tying, but the end result is a beautiful lighted garland that will add AMAZING texture and color to the tree. The tree skirt was made with about 2 yards of 3 different styles of fabric. I made the < shape from the logo as inspiration for the shapes in the skirt. I cannot wait to put it around the tree! I will post photos of the tree and the rest of the decorations soon--we put it all together tomorrow. Very excited to see it all come together!
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  1. Kathy Blair
    Posted November 15, 2011 at 6:56 am | Permalink

    This is so cool! Thanks, Kristen. Can’t wait to see it all pulled together on the tree.