Church Ruins in Beaufort

I wanted to start off my Charleston-Beaufort-Savannah trip recap with some images of two of my favorite things we saw on the ruins. My favorite was Old Sheldon Church, which I had previously seen in photos online, but seeing it in person was just amazing! Both Old Sheldon Church and Chapel of Ease are located near Beaufort, South Carolina... Old Sheldon Church was built and burned down twice by wars. What is left of it now is some awesome ruins that you can actually get married in if you wanted! Here is a photo I found of a wedding there:

Photo Credit: Richfield Plantation

I think these ruins are awesome. I also think its neat that in the south the graveyards are literally right next to the churches. Creepy and interesting all at the same time.

Here is what my grave might have said back in the 1800's:

We also found this smaller chapel called Chapel of Ease which was built using shells as aggregate.

I took a close up of the shell walls here:

I absolutely love ruins and the stories behind them! I highly recommend seeing these two sites if you are ever in the Beaufort area!

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