Chalkboard Wall of Raves

I got the idea to do a chalkboard wall of raves when I first toured the storefront that became our new studio. I saw the perfect corner nook for it, close to the front of the store but still not all obvious and in-your-face. I thought it would be cool to have a chalkboard wall with some real frames with thank you notes, cards and photos from happy past clients as well as some faux-frames that were painted on, to highlight raves that clients can come write on the actual wall in chalk-marker. I plan to invite past, current and future brides to the opening, and hope that some of my favorite past brides will write a nice note on the wall...! Making a chalkboard wall was an interesting process. I bought tintable chalkboard paint from Home Depot and chose a gray color to tint it. (It starts out white--but there are like 16 colors you can tint it). When we applied it to the walls, it took 2 coats and you needed 4 hours of dry time in between coats. Then you have to let the wall sit for at least 3 days before chalking the entire wall with white chalk and then blending it smooth with an eraser. The end finish is a smeary cool texture that is easy to write on with chalk (and erase as needed). Here was the wall before chalking it:

And after chalking it: You can see the new texture here: And these are a collection of notes, thank you cards and photos from past weddings and events... I love our chalkboard wall and look forward to getting it filled with comments!
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