Bridal Bouquet + Umbrella = Awesome Wedding Present

My sister Amy has been telling me about her high school friend Diana's wedding for months now. Diana had plans to DIY virtually everything for her wedding--including her bouquet. I told Amy that if she wanted me to make Diana's bouquet I would totally be up for that. It could be Amy's present to Diana. So, when Amy went over to her house a couple months ago, Diana showed her all of her many projects and sounded, a little stressed, to say the least. Diana had made her invites and favors and the decor--and there was still so much more she wanted to do. Amy suggested my idea about me making her bridal bouquet and Amy paying for it as her gift, and Diana lit up and stress seemed to melt away. Diana gladly accepted the gift and sent me inspiration for her "all-red fluffy bouquet" along with some dress fabric to wrap the handle with. Diana wanted red peonies and the rest was up to me. I ended up keeping it red peonies and red spray roses. It was definitely a red fluffy bouquet! Meanwhile, I have been really getting into making these painted parasols, so I suggested to Amy that we make one for Diana as a surprise. The "Just Married" Parasol I made to go with her "red and aqua/teal" color scheme. She can use it in her photos and its a little nod to Diana's Asian culture. Both the bouquet and parasol turned out great and totally matched the rest of the decor at the wedding! I can't wait to see more photos from the event...Amy promised me she'd take more!

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  1. Cher Williams
    Posted August 13, 2010 at 9:16 pm | Permalink

    Hi Im looking for a underbrella that says “Just Married” on it(Like the blue one that you have on you website) I love fun and different pictures and I believe something like that will add a lot to them on our wedding day. So Im trying to get some info about that please…thank you and thank you for your time:)