Boy or Girl? Flowers for Gender Reveal Party

gender party One of my past clients, Julie, contacted me a little over a week ago do 2 pink and blue centerpieces for a "Gender Reveal Party". I commend her for waiting 4 extra days to find out if she is having a boy or girl--I could never do it! Here is how a gender reveal party works...Julie and Mark went to their ultrasound earlier in the week and then had the tech type the name on the ultrasound photo and then they gave the ultrasound photo to a bakery. The bakery is supposed to bake a cake with either pink or blue cake/icing inside. At the party a few days after the ultrasound, surrounded by friends and family, Julie and Mark would find out along with everyone else if they were having a boy or girl when they cut into the cake. How fun is that?! I just read on Facebook that Julie is having a GIRL! My guess was boy...wrong again! I actually found out this week what we are having--and even though for months I thought I was having a boy--I am actually having a little girl! We are so excited! The great thing about finding out the sex of the baby is you win either way! I cannot wait to be a mom!

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