Bold, Modern Blooms and Bright Colors at Westin Itasca

We just completed our first large Hindu wedding this past weekend at the Westin in Itasca for Soneya and Avi. The colors were bold and brillant--red, ivory and gold for the ceremony and purple, teal/aqua, fuchsia, and red for the reception. The flowers consisted of all orchids...and looked AMAZING. There were no personal flowers in the traditional sense--meaning, no bouquets or bouts--but we did make wired orchids for Soneya and family to add to their hair for the reception. We also provided red petals for the flower girls to toss. But those items were it for the "personals"... For the ceremony, we hung red mokara orchid garlands from the Mandap. It was so beautiful--the stage, draping, everything along with the pop of red orchids was just perfect! The reception was were the most of the flowers we provided went. In the cocktail area, we did an awesome trio of slant martini vases with orchid sprays for the escort card table, petals and designed the escort cards. We also provided a rectangle monogrammed card holder rental for them to collect their cards in. Inside the reception room was the big wow-factor of the day...guests walked in to a room filled with silver chiviari chairs, purple and aqua lighting around the room, pipe and drape on the stage, uplit tall orchid spray centerpieces, candlelit trio submerged orchid centerpieces, a GOBO on the dancefloor, flowers on the cake and beautiful purple linen overlays and fuchsia napkins by my friends at The Chair Couture. All of the specialty lighting, chairs, pipe & drape, columns and Mandap were provided by the decorator/event company-Shaadi Creations. Our contribution was all the stunning flowers, vases, table numbers, escort cards, and bar signs that decorated the space. I seldom do uplighting and dyed water, so for Soneya's wedding we pulled out all the stops! The stage pieces were huge orchid sprays atop pilsner vases with a subemrged orchid inside along with purple water uplit with purple LED lights. The centerpieces were done in two styles--first was 16 trios of submerged orchids in cylinders--purple vandas, fuchsia Calypso mokara and blue Bom dendrobium orchids with teal stones in the bottom and floating candles at the top; second style was 12 tall cylinder vases with a huge 30-40 stem spray of assorted dendrobium and mokara orchids shooting out of the top of a vase filled with aqua water, uplighting, and a submerged dendrobium orchid. We also did shorter submerged vases with orchids and floating candles on the head tables accompanied by assorted petals. I also added some orchids to the top of the cake to hide the stems of the heart toppers and bring some color to the top of the cake. Once the lighting around the room was adjusted the space looked amazing! I wish I had a shot of the room with all of our candle centerpieces lit--but they did not do that part while we were still around! Boo--I will have to get some photos from the pro photographers soon! It is great to do a modern wedding after doing a vintage one--it really flexes our design skills!!! We pride ourselves on being well-rounded and I think this weekend gave me a huge opportunity to showcase our range. I am so happy for Soneya and Avi and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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  1. kiokreations
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 6:41 pm | Permalink

    They are fresh stems of dendrobium, vanda and mokara orchids. we never use silk flowers–I have seen them used before and they look fake usually.


  2. Talina Monday
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 4:49 pm | Permalink

    Hi i have a question about how do you do the orchids in the glass of water is it a certain kind of flowers. Do you use real flowers or silk flowers and do the color bleed in the water and is there a certain kind of water do you use….Thank You Very Much because i would love to use your concept for my wedding for the centerpieces…Thanks Again