Balboa Park Point of Interest: San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is located on the edge of Balboa Park so I included it as a point of interest... The San Diego Zoo was cool, but since we have the Brookfield Zoo here, I would say its not a MUST VISIT if you've been to our zoo recently. The nicest things about the San Diego Zoo is that their awesome climate allows for beautiful vegetation to grow all over the place year-round and the animals don't have to wear tacky Xmas sweaters in the winter...(How cute is that visual--a koala in an Xmas sweater!) Anyways, the SD Zoo was pretty cool. Probably cooler if you have kids to take around. It was really, really busy as it was open on Christmas Day--which is when we went there. I guess all the kiddies opened their presents early and then also came to the zoo--because it was packed. We did partake in the tram ride and cable-car rides since they were included in the $40 admission ticket fee. These activities allowed us to see more of the park without walking all over creation. There is no denying that it is a large park with a lot of animals, but I found it easiest to see the birds--maybe because no one was too interested in them. The line to the pandas was too long for our patience so we did not get to see them--but we did see other bears--including the KOALAS who quickly became the cutest thing we saw there that day. They were sleeping, all curled up into a ball and so totally adorable. LOVE! We also made it to the reptile house (Matt's favorite thing to visit at any zoo) and that was interesting--lots of snakes and some lizards and turtles. He loved it, I thought It was okay. On the whole, visiting the San Diego Zoo was something to do and we had a nice time--but I would not say you absolutely HAVE to go there on your San Diego vacation. (Unless you have tots--they would love it!) Here are some of the photos I took at the zoo: Koala Yummies Parrots, Flamingos & Other Aviary Gorilla that charged the glass (not at me--at this other tourist with a camera) So yeah, those are my best photos from the zoo...I feel weird shooting things that look like they are taken from inside a cage/glass/fence, so I only took photos of things that their containment barriers would not show. Is that weird?
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