Balboa Park Point of Interest: Palm Canyon & Old Cactus Garden

So I found two more loves in Balboa Park in the form of gardens: Palm Canyon and Old Cactus Garden do not disappoint! Palm Canyon is amazing and literally plops you into a tropical paradise. It was awesome, and I felt tiny compared to the huge palm trees of all shapes and sizes. When you see how large a fallen palm leaf is, you feel even smaller as they are about the same height as me at nearly 6 ft! Some are even larger! It was a quick, easy walk and took me right to the top of the ridge where I stumbled upon the Old Cactus Garden. Old Cactus Garden was sprouted up in 1935!!! Talk about old! It has a beautiful assortment of cacti and succulents alike. And we all know what a sucker for succulents I am! Loved it!
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