Bad Hair Day: When Hair Flowers Go Wrong!

I was just watching one of my guilty pleasures, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Special on Bravo and was reminded of the BAD hair flowers they had this season. It made me think about when wedding hair flowers go wrong. Be the flowers too big, too tall or just too many--there are a lot of looks that just don't work. Here are the BAD flowers in the hair on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In Phaedra's case (left), there were too many, the roses are too tight, and put into her hairstyle at too many angles. Sheree's flower (right) (a silk Stargazer Lily) is just way too large and oddly placed. Not a fan of either of these looks.

Here are some looks that are just too much--and the flowers look almost like weeds in the hair...which is never a good thing.

And are some examples of flowers just being too large for the hair/head.

So please, AVOID these looks at all costs!!!

Be sure to read tomorrow's post: Good Hair Day: Perfect Wedding Hair Flowers

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