Aww, Pro Photos! | Featured Photographer: Brian Kinyon

I've done a bunch of weddings with Brian Kinyon over the years and he always takes beautiful shots! I just got some images from two weddings we did together this year, the first of which was Joanna & Luke's wedding which was in January of this year. This wedding sticks out to me for many reasons. It was our first wedding at Hotel Arista (a venue we've done many more at since!), it was such an elegant event, there was cheesy goodies everywhere, and Joanna and Luke were a joy to work with. Joanna is so awesome that she actually lends her talents to us at Kio and helps with weddings and events now! She was a great addition to the Kio team, and we're glad to have her...and to think it all started with us doing her lovely wedding flowers...

Here is one of Joanna's cheesy late night snacks...(we did the signage and provided the containers)

She also has the "M's" we made for her cocktail area hanging up in her house!

Check out Brian Kinyon's Website

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