Artwork by Aili: Acrylic Painting

Aili and I had another art lesson today and this is the progress she made on her first acrylic painting. I had her draw out a floral motif pencil sketch ahead of time on a canvas board so it was ready for class today. I then had her practice with the paint and brushes on a scratch paper, before beginning this painting. I had her first paint in the background “under-painting” and then she work on the flower under-paintings. I showed her how to outline and highlight the petals to make the flowers have texture and not look flat, and I think she was really getting the hang of it by the end of the first flower (the pink one). I left her paint and brushes to finish this piece up, so I will post that later once it is complete.

On a total side note but still relating to painting, me and some artsy friends are all working on floral-themed masterpieces for the studio. We have an empty gallery wall that they will adorn for the opening of the studio and they will be for sale while functioning as design samples for a new service we will be offering in the future…more to come on that later…

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